It is a multi-component intervention for those living with long-term lung conditions aiming to improves physical fitness, the quality of life and give the confidence to self-manage. Each course consists of an initial assessment, six consecutive two hour sessions in a small group and a final discharge assessment. You will be given an individualised exercise programme and lung health education. The topics covered include:

* how do your lungs work?
* getting the best from your respiratory medications
* relaxation techniques, breathing control and chest secretion clearance
* anxiety, stress and depression management
* energy conservation
* what to do when breathing gets worse - self management planning
* further support available if things get worse
* eating well for good lung health
* oxygen therapy - will you need it?
* smoking cessation
* the importance of exercise and maintaining fitness after the programme

 Part one of the session is devoted to increasing your stamina and fitness with individually prescribed exercises. Not everyone has the same level of fitness so you will be carefully assessed at the start of the course to make sure that the exercises you do are suitable and safe for you.  

• Part two has refreshments then a talk from an expert speaker.  We want to increase your knowledge of lung disease and your confidence to cope with breathlessness, especially when it is worse than usual or you have a chest infection.  You will have plenty of opportunity to ask questions.